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Experts in Repatriation and Accident Support


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Experts in Repatriation and Accident Support

When situations arise where a truck or coach is stranded abroad, it does not always prove feasible to bring the vehicle back to the Netherlands under its own power. In these challenging moments, Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand offers an expert solution. Our commitment to meticulous coordination and execution ensures fast, efficient and damage-free repatriation. With an eye for detail and in cooperation with you, we realise an impeccable Transport to the desired location.


Based on the specific circumstances, we carefully assess which means and equipment should be used to transport the stranded vehicle to the Netherlands. We guarantee a carefully coordinated operation that brings the vehicle home without any further damage.

Post-accident support:

In case of accidents or while recovering a truck or coach, you can rely on Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand. Our skilled salvagers are ready to assess the situation on the spot. With integrity, we document the cause and consequences of the incident accurately and clearly. We take all necessary steps, including repairing roadside and road damage, emergency repairs and, if required, repatriation. Your peace of mind is ensured while we also maintain communication with the home front.

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