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Recovery of heavy vehicles such as trucks and coaches is a job for specialists.


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Salvage company Joh. van der Zand is known as a leading name in the transport industry, with an impressive track record of safely and efficiently transporting cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles both within Europe and beyond. Our expertise extends to open transport of both new vehicles and vehicles stranded due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Partner for European and International Transport

Our team of experienced professionals understands the crucial role flawless transport needs in various industries. With a proven track record in bridging distances and borders, we provide transport solutions that meet the highest standards. We are committed to the highest level of care and reliability.

Assistance in Case of Interruptions

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can lead to interruptions in your journey, both at home and abroad. Our services also extend to coordinating transport when your vehicle is immobilised by local authorities due to a breakdown. In such situations, Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand is ready to provide immediate assistance. We facilitate the transport of your vehicle to a selected garage or even to your home base, using specialised low loaders. Our low loaders are designed to allow trailers and coaches to be loaded safely and fully, without height restrictions.

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