Storing heavy vehicles such as trucks 
and coaches is work for specialists.


National and international salvage

Salvaging heavy vehicles such as trucks and coaches is work for specialists. Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand expertly coordinates salvages of heavy vehicles at home and abroad.

Professional partners

In addition to our own team, we have an extensive and professional network of national and international salvage companies and transporters. This enables us to offer efficient solutions to stranded combinations without unnecessary delays or extra costs.

Salvage company Joh. van der Zand coordinates salvage operations from its headquarters in Waardenburg. Based on the situation that has arisen, we determine what needs to be done to get drivers and equipment back on the road quickly. We perform the salvage or we engage a local salvage and transport company. These salvage companies have years of experience. They are selected for professionalism and reliability. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and the quality of our network, you are assured of fast assistance and good conditions.


Accidents involving cargo require extra attention. There are often strict conditions attached to delivery. And in many cases the value of the cargo exceeds the extent of the material damage several times over. Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand has the knowledge and experience to also act adequately in these cases. After all, it is important to act quickly and decisively. This applies all the more if hazardous materials, livestock or perishable goods are involved.

We coordinate the salvage and transshipment of cargo, often in consultation with a cargo expert from the insurance company. We ensure professional handling of the lost cargo. Due to our approach, this is done responsibly, safely and with consideration for the environment and traffic conditions. You can rely on us to do everything we can to transport the cargo further with a minimum of damage.

Own Fleet

Joh. van der Zand is one of the largest salvage companies in the Netherlands. We have a dozen heavy salvage vehicles that are fully equipped to carry out salvages and repatriate heavy vehicles (> 3.500 kg). Joh. van der Zand's salvage vehicles are equipped with a powerful crane boom. This makes them suitable for damage-free towing of all possible types of trucks and coaches.

The system works hydraulically. The crane arm is coupled by means of a system developed by Joh. van der Zand, VDZ, to the motor vehicle, tractor unit or coach. The vehicle is then lifted and is ready to be transported. Salvaging or transporting a semi-trailer or a short coupled trailer is also possible thanks to the specially constructed crane boom.

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