Special and Classic Car Transport

Exclusive and Classic Cars like Old Timers require special transport. Joh. van der Zand handles your exclusive car with care. 


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Exclusive Transport for Exclusive Cars

When it comes to transporting exclusive or classic cars, nothing less than an extremely careful and discreet approach will do. Salvage company Joh. van der Zand understands the unique requirements of this special transport and offers the perfect solution.

Our Special Car Transporter

At Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand, we have a specially equipped closed special car transporter at our disposal. This sophisticated equipment is designed to transport exclusive vehicles ranging from classics to sports and concept cars with the utmost care.


More than Transport

Our services go beyond transportation. We are experienced in providing transport to car or motor shows, racing events or film and photo shoots on location, both within and outside Europe. We understand the importance of precision and punctuality on such occasions and always aim for the highest standards.

Expert and Insured

Transporting exclusive cars requires expertise, and at Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand, we have that in abundance. Our professionals ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination in perfect condition. We also offer the option of taking out extra comprehensive transport insurance, giving you complete peace of mind while transporting your prized possession.


Choose Bergingsbedrijf Joh. van der Zand for your exclusive car transport needs and trust our commitment to quality, precision and discretion. Your exclusive car deserves nothing less than the best care, and that is exactly what we offer.

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